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Christian Living in the Home
Christian Living in the Home

Christian Living in the Home

P & R Publishing Co.
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Author: Jay E. Adams

Brand: P & R Publishing Co.

Edition: Reprint

ISBN: 0875520162

Number Of Pages: 144

Publisher: P & R Publishing

Release Date: 1972-02-01

Details: Building a strong family is a challenge in the best of times. How much more when marriage is being redefined, biblical approaches to discipline are under constant fire, and "family values" is more a campaign slogan than a personal priority of elected officials.

The family is in trouble today. Stable homes have become a quaint anomaly rather than the norm. To check the erosion of the home and family as the basic unit of society, Jay Adams calls us to a careful understanding and application of scriptural principles.

Christians will find this volume full of practical, biblical advice on Christ-centered family living, communicating with family members, family guidance and discipline, living with an unbelieving spouse, and many other areas. Pastors, counselors, and study groups will value this work for its insight, clarity, and faithfulness to God"s Word.

EAN: 9780875520162