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Pocket Dictionary of Theological Terms
Pocket Dictionary of Theological Terms

Pocket Dictionary of Theological Terms

InterVarsity Press
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Author: Stanley J. Grenz

Brand: InterVarsity Press

ISBN: 0830814493

Number Of Pages: 122

Publisher: IVP Academic

Release Date: 1999-05-26

Details: Beginning to study theology is like stepping into a conversation that has been going on for two thousand years. How do you take part in this conversation―or even make sense of it―if you don't understand the vocabulary or know the contributions made by other participants? The Pocket Dictionary of Theological Terms is the perfect companion to your theological studies. Among its three hundred-plus definitions are

  • English terms, from accommodation to wrath of God
  • foreign terms, from a posteriori to via media
  • theological movements and traditions, from the Alexandrian School to Wesleyanism
  • theologians, from Anselm of Canterbury to Ulrich Zwingli
Here is an affordable and easily accessible resource for your theological readings, lectures and writing assignments. It's a must-have for every theological student.

EAN: 9780830814497