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The Useful Lie

The Useful Lie

Timeless Texts, Incorporated
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Author: William L. Playfair M.D.

ISBN: 1889032379

Number Of Pages: 192

Publisher: Timeless Texts, Incorporated

Release Date: 2017-01-03

Details: You've seen the books on best seller lists. You've read about the phenomenal growth of Recovery in newspapers and magazines. Now find out the real truth about Recovery. In contradicts science and medicine. It contradicts the Bible. It doesn't work. Nevertheless, millions of Americans have been led to believe that Recovery is the answer to addictive behavior. In this startling book you'll learn shocking facts like these: Even though 87% of Americans believe alcoholism is a disease, there is no scientific evidence to support the disease model of alcoholism. Yet the model provides the basis for nearly all Recovery programs. According to all available evidence, addicts in Recovery programs have no better recovery rate than those who receive no treatment at all. In spite of billions of dollars spent on Recovery, there are more alcoholics and drug addicts now than before the Recovery approach came into vogue. Though widely known to have Christian roots, Alcoholics Anonymous has more in common with Eastern religions than with Christianity. It's time to blow the whistle on the Recovery industry. The Useful Lie provides all the necessary evidence. More than that, it points the way toward genuine freedom from addiction.

EAN: 9781889032375